Calculation of pressure drop through piping for turbulent constant volume flow applications
Flash (PT, isentropic or isenthalpic flash)
Calculation of flow through control valve as per ISA 75.01 (compressible fluid)
Water hammer inelastic pipe (Joukowsky equation)
Chu Goldberg equations applied to falling plume ref. Torstein Fanneløp, Fluid Mechanics for Industrial Safety and Environment Protection, Industrial Safety Series, Vol 3
API Flare, Radiation and noise levels based on API 521, 6th Ed,
Horizontal Separator (estimate size & weight)
Horizontal Flare KO Drum
KO Drum diameter:m
KO Drum length (T/T):m
Vapor mass flow:kg/h
Vapor density:kg/m3
Vapor viscosity:cP
Liquid density:kg/m3
ESD LAHH level:m
Liquid volume after ESD LAHH:m3
Droplet size:micron